objet petit a: Lacan, David Lynch and The Judas Tree

No one understands the unfathomable quality of desire quite like the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan. In fact, desire is the central element of human subjectivity for the discipline of psychoanalysis. “We are subjects that desire things,” the inimitable Youtube theorist, Plastic Pills, concisely put it. And since we desire things outside the purview of subsistence,Continue reading “objet petit a: Lacan, David Lynch and The Judas Tree”

High School Music: Flume, What So Not, Yung Lean

I’m transferring to a university in Boston for the upcoming fall semester. This isn’t meant as a veiled flex by the way, I just wanted to set up some context. That is, I mean to explain this is but one of a few major events in recent years that’s marked ‘the end of an era,’Continue reading “High School Music: Flume, What So Not, Yung Lean”

‘False clarity’: Adorno and Philosophy

Over the last year alone, I have been told philosophy doesn’t matter over a dozen times. Whether from fellow students, other friends or family members, I have been informed that an entire discipline of shaping and discerning the ideas which foundationally provide a coherent understanding of our reality is “common sense,” “uninteresting,” and “stupid.” PhilosophyContinue reading “‘False clarity’: Adorno and Philosophy”

The heart and the Real: Have a Nice Life, Giles Corey and Jacques Lacan

‘I don’t feel anything where… this love should be.’ ‘I Don’t Love,’ Have a Nice Life — Have a Nice Life and Giles Corey are a dark pair of musical projects. Each boasts the disquieting, unmatched talent of Dan Barrett, as well as the inscrutable Tim Macuga on Have a Nice Life. While Giles CoreyContinue reading “The heart and the Real: Have a Nice Life, Giles Corey and Jacques Lacan”

Paternal Melancholia: h hunt’s ‘Playing Piano for Dad’

‘I’ll leave you to it…’ … As a writer, or more specifically, a blogger, there is an overwhelming desire to incorporate yourself into what you are writing about. A perfect example of this follows. Moreover, there is an even greater impulse to use your power of analysis and prose to ameliorate whatever you are writingContinue reading “Paternal Melancholia: h hunt’s ‘Playing Piano for Dad’”

Some Teeth: A (very) Short Story

This story contains graphic, potentially traumatizing content. … Camilla sat back up. The lights which up until that moment shone on her naked body a fluorescent sneer shut off with a buckle. All around now, the dim aspect of the place served only to enhance the sordiness and din of this space and the gloomContinue reading “Some Teeth: A (very) Short Story”