Some Teeth: A (very) Short Story

This story contains graphic, potentially traumatizing content.

Camilla sat back up. The lights which up until that moment shone on her naked body a fluorescent sneer shut off with a buckle. All around now, the dim aspect of the place served only to enhance the sordiness and din of this space and the gloom it kept. There was a faint smell of polyisoprene and some half empty plastic water bottles and her outfit on the floor next to a pair of green cargo shorts. On her chest drooled the remains like thick tears off her thin, jagged ribs. 

Here, smiled the man as he juggled his camera and the towel, she could not remember his name. Wipe up. He laughed and threw her the rag. 

Thanks, she giggled a loveless mutter. Oh my god, it’s everywhere.

How do you feel? The other man asked.

She hummed a sound of unknown intention. I don’t know. She looked at him and creased her eyes a bit and breathed nothing out of her sore mouth. She looked upon his face a permanent lawn of black hair and he was still naked too with his thick trunk bare and his shaven legs like two big logs what were attached to his body. She still felt the motion his pelvis made as she was on her fours, but she sighed and wiped her body with the complementary towel. I feel like I just got fucked.

Yeah, it looks like you did, the man with the camera said. 

You’re gonna be a superstar now, the other said, joking like some impersonal advert actor.

Uh-no, she said. I feel like a mess. Can I shower?

They said yes and so she slipped off the bed and placed one hand over her breasts and the other she placed at the small of her back, aimless in her clothing. Spryly, and with a ginger skip she made her way across the hard carpet and into the bathroom. She went to close the door and then hesitated, she left it cracked and looked at herself in the mirror. The shower was large and the water turned hot quickly. Not long after she removed herself of the previous hour and a half, chafed like all Hell’s mercy, the door opened. The slap of his naked feet on the aseptic tile. The curtain opened and he smiled.

Got room for one more? He said, that bit of black food like some organic stain still in the notch of his front teeth of unknown and paltry origin and she muttered something and he stepped in. He had sex with her again after a few minutes. His pelvis familiar now.

Published by Pale Sulter


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