‘A Formless Thought That Thinks You’: Sartre and the Gaze

In his 1944 play Huis Clos (No Exit), Jean-Paul Sartre wrote one of the most infamous and misunderstood lines of his career: “Hell is — other people!” Perhaps the phrase could be better apprehended as “the gaze of the Other is Hell.” That is to say, in order to comprehend the meaning of this ambiguousContinue reading “‘A Formless Thought That Thinks You’: Sartre and the Gaze”

Some Beer: A Short Story

Dedicated, with love, to a friend. — “And that’s it, friends. I’ve done it all, I’ve lived it all. If I had the strength, I’d cry. I bid you all goodbye…” Roberto Balano, notes for the novel 2666 — AS long as he could remember, he had known him. We grew up together, he wouldContinue reading “Some Beer: A Short Story”